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According to media reports , JRH urged TMR to veto the proposed law, saying that media all over the world make mistakes, but that a free press is essential for democracy to move forward.

Diario de Pernambuco ( Tuesday, January 07, 1879 )

In a 14 July column in Timor Post , acting U. Guterres hateten nia seidauk simu buat ne'e, hodi halo media balu hateten lei ida ne'e "lakon" iha Parlamentu.

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Tuir Konstituisaun, Prezidente bele promulga ka veta iha loron 30 no haruja fali ba Parlamentu atu halo estudu tan. Iha 3 Jullu, Asesor Legal Prezidente nian konvida maizumenus reprezentante media no sosiedade sivil nain 50 atu diskute lei ida ne'e, no asesor Prezidente barak mak rona ba ami nia preokupasaun durante liu oras tolu. Xefe Casa Civil Fidelis Magalhaes hateten katak Prezidente sei deside atu asina, veto ka husu ba Tribunal Rekursu atu hetan konsellu konstitusionalidade molok liu 15 Jullu.

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President asks Court's advice In accordance with articles The Presidency summarized the court ruling in a press release. La'o Hamutuk has scanned the page court ruling 3. Although our Portuguese skills are limited and we welcome help with translating this document , we believe that the President asked the Court's advice on the following issues, to which the Court responded thusly: Presidential question Court's opinion 1.

This is unconstitutional because it violates the principle of proportionality without observing constitutionally required criteria. Do article This is unconstitutional because in violates principles of legality and determinability and restricts rights and freedoms article 24 , as well as being contrary to the principle of Rule of Law article 6 b. Does article 40 of the proposed law, which empowers the Press Council to levy fines for non-criminal activity, violate article 34 right to defend oneself against charges of the Constitution?

This is unconstitutional because it violates article Do articles 44 c and d , 42, 48 and 45 of the proposed law, establishing the Press Council to be detailed by Decree-Law and financed from the state budget , violate article 41 especially Does article This is unconstitutional because it violates the principle of equality in article After returning from the districts, President Taur Matan Ruak sent the Court's analysis to Parliament on 19 August, with a letter asking the Members to fix the defects in the law.

25 ABRIL Liberdade de Imprensa - SIC Notícias - Figuração Brandp

This is the first time in his two years in office that this President has returned proposed legislation to Parliament without promulgating it. Parliamentary Speaker Vicente Guterres told local media that Parliament will deal with it in due course. Some media articles described the court's advice as binding or as a rebuke to Parliament and Government, but it does not carry legal force.

Although we haven't seen the President's letter, we believe that Parliament had three options:. Do nothing. In this case, the draft law dies, and Timor-Leste continues with the free media environment it has enjoyed since However, Parliament could resume consideration of the law at any time.

Revise it to address the court's objections, and perhaps make some other changes, and pass it again. The President would be likely to promulgate it, although we continue to hope that his decision will consider freedom as well as law. Re-pass the law without any changes , as Constitution article This is 44 MPs if everyone attends, or fewer -- but no less than 33 -- if some are absent. Ad Nationes. Ethnous Kallaikon, ed. Morais, M. Sousa, 17 - In Versatile Gentleman. Titchener, - Leuven: Leuven University Press. Michiel Meeusen and Luc Van der Stock, - Silva, M. Moraes Augusto, - In Violence and transgression: a trajectory of Humanity, ed.

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Manual A Imprensa e o dever da liberdade (Portuguese Edition)

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