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From the late s forward, the Johns, Davises, and Clancys witnessed firsthand the War of the Copper Kings, the Tong Wars, the Granite Mountain Mine disaster that killed more than men, the Spanish flu pandemic, and two world wars. A retired secondary school teacher of English, Clancy skillfully weaves the families' personal tragedies and triumphs into Butte's grand drama, following the rise and fall of copper barons, the emergence of America's labor movement and the violent backlash , and the tapestry of ethnic communities that proudly produced more than half of the country's copper.

The beauty of eastern Montana's rolling prairies, wild rivers, and far-flung ranches is captured like never before in Eastern Montana , published by Al-Myra Communications of Miles City. With stunning full-color images by award-winning photographer Leland Howard and insightful writing by award-winning author Lynna Howard, Eastern Montana is an informative and beautiful celebration of the culture and landscapes of this unique region, a treat for even longtime Montanans. After a long, arduous battle with cancer, George Rohde decided to make a living doing what he loved most: observing the northern prairie.

The avid field biologist honed his photography skills and sold his work at craft shows, most in the form of notecards which he also sent to his grandson Max.

A Prairie Year: Messages to Max is a collection of these engaging notecards that tell the story of the prairie over the course of a year. Beautiful photographs of animals in their natural state make up 12 chapters that take readers on a visual journey through the seasons on the vast grassland. Explanatory text paints a picture of life on the prairie and offers Rohde's own thoughts and musings, allowing readers to share his wonder and love of this majestic grassland.

A Prairie Year is an informative book for all who enjoy learning about the natural world around them.

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Based on the hand-written memoir of Fred Van Blaricom, this true story recounts a life of hardship and hope in the Montana Territory during the late s. Told in Fred's affable voice and rich with historical detail, A Hard Won Life is a coming-of-age story packed with adventures and grounded in the remarkable lives of the earliest homesteaders—men and women—of the Lower Yellowstone. Meet young Teddy Roosevelt, famed buffalo hunter Vic Smith, saloon owners, devious outlaws, and persistent sheriffs.

Working as a cowboy, young Freddie broke horses, helped catch a horse thief, survived the cattle-killing winter of , and at age ten rode alone miles to work a season on a ranch in the Dakota Territories. Fred's was a life of struggle against many obstacles, but he overcame them or abided them with no complaint. As he himself put it: "The hero was throwed, but the horse was tamed.

Growing up on a working cattle ranch involves some serious responsibilities but also rough-and-tumble fun. It's a childhood connected to the natural rhythms and rewards of life on the land, surrounded by cows, pigs, chickens, and abundant wildlife. Luna's Cow's Boy feeds her and shelters her from the cold and snow. Spring eases into summer chores, driving the herd to higher pastures and moving wheel lines to water the alfalfa crop. But there's also time to ride dirt bikes and climb trees. As Luna grows, so does her boy, rising to his responsibilities and teaching kids at a riding camp how to clean and groom horses.


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He also learns to use a lasso, to Luna's chagrin. Richly illustrated with 67 beautiful, action-filled full-color photographs, The Cow's Boy is instantly engaging for readers aged 7 to 9, and the charismatic Luna and her boy will charm grownups reading to younger children. Told in a warm, playful voice, the story celebrates the joys and values of a close-knit family working and playing together on their slice of ranch paradise. Taut with suspense and life-or-death action, Inaccessible follows author Richard Layne on four solo treks into Glacier's backcountry in near-lethal winter conditions.

Layne is irresistibly drawn to a traverse of the remote high cirque named Hole in the Wall despite the risks—sheer cliffs, howling storms, hungry grizzly bears, and raging avalanches. Park rangers warn that Hole in the Wall is inaccessible in winter, only fueling Layne's determination to go there. Staggering under a pound backpack through rotten snowpack, facing isolation, disastrous weather, and utter exhaustion, the year-old Layne rises to the challenge one step at a time in a tale that celebrates grit and courage as their own reward.

His clear, direct prose and full-color photographs will carry hardy mountaineers and armchair adventurers alike right to the edge. Have you ever seen a bear with a purple smile? The woods are full of them during huckleberry season. You just have to know where to look. How does a bear get a purple smile? From eating sweet, juicy huckleberries found in secret patches throughout the woods! In this charming rhyming tale, hop through the woods with a family of bunnies on the hunt for a bear wearing a purple smile. Beautiful and vibrant watercolor illustrations by Kadie Zimmerman fill the pages of this delightful children's story by Laura Budds.

Fully illustrated! For ages years old. Learn how its eastside became known as Goosetown through personal accounts of the town's citizens and through historic black-and-white photographs. Finnegan, with the help of others, interviewed many of Goosetown's residents and recorded their interviews, thus preserving an oral history for generations to come. Now, thanks to Goosetown In Their Own Words , that oral history is documented and detailed in writing.

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From how the name Goosetown was created to the entertainment, sports, and recreation at the time, to historic events and even the prohibition—it's all chronicled and captured in writing by Finnegan. On this particular day, Aden overhears some fishermen talking, and what they are saying confuses him. After a few days of trying to figure it out for himself, Aden decides that he will ask someone who is always willing to listen and help.

Auntie has the perfect solution to the question that he is trying to answer, and takes him on an adventure through the woods to a hidden place where some friends live.

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It will be those friends that will help Aden understand one of the most important lessons that he will ever learn. Aden's Thought of Many Colors is a story of hope and understanding, humor and insight, for readers of all ages. Once hailed by Time magazine as "the Johnny Appleseed of nature museums," John Ripley Forbes arguably did as much as anyone in history to keep the wonders of nature alive for America's children.

Through seven decades of passionate, tireless effort, Forbes helped create outdoor-based science and learning centers in more than communities across the country. Nature's Keeper chronicles the life of this extraordinary educator, from his teen years with renowned conservationist William Hornaday, to his celebrated "animal lending libraries" of the s and s, to his final preservation victories at the end of the twentieth century.

Unlike most books on climate change, this one examines the current trends in climate—and predictions for the future—relative to similar events in Earth's history. This history paints a picture of repeated cataclysms in which most life on Earth was lost. According to widely accepted data, we have a narrowing window of time to make the necessary changes before we become just another name on a long list of species wiped out through climate catastrophes.

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Ellingsen, is a delightful and often moving book, unusual among writings on the Gold Rush era of Montana and the West. It is part history, part memoir, and part passionate essay about the importance of historic preservation. The book details the origins of Virginia City and Nevada City—their rough beginnings and their glory days. It also offers a unique perspective on the restoration and saving of Virginia and Nevada Cities by a man who has dedicated his entire life to that cause.

More than two dozen historical photographs help to tell one of the most significant stories of historic preservation in the western United States. In , seven-year-old Flora Wong, her parents, and her seven siblings left their home in Boston and set out across the Pacific Ocean on a twenty-one-day voyage to return to their parents' home village in rural southern China. Flora's father and mother sought a new, quiet life for their young family in their native land. But this was a different China, and Flora's family would not find the peace they sought.

China's Communist Party had begun its rise toward revolution. And in , Japan launched a full-scale invasion of China. Within a few years of her arrival, full-scale world war engulfed Flora's new home. Amid the turmoil, Flora and her family managed to build a modest life in their small village. In time, this young girl whose only home had been Boston, learned to tend the rice and vegetables, draw water from the town well, sew simple clothes and trap frogs and beetles.

Her education ended in the second grade. At eighteen, Flora was told she was engaged to be married. Working to ensure the survival of her six daughters, Chen Sun Ho had set a plan in motion to arrange marriages for each in the United States so they could return to the safety of their home country. Flora began a new life in rugged Montana, worlds away from her small village.

It was here that the timid girl grew into a wife, mother, business owner, and athlete. Now, some sixty years later, Flora Wong retraces her family's odyssey as she shares candid insights, heartbreaking tragedies, and personal triumphs. Hers is a story of an authentic, ordinary person facing extraordinary challenges—the story of one Chinese Montana's long way home. A passion for wide, open spaces inspired Eric I. Soyland to publish a collection of his photographs and writings on the majestic Teton Valley of Idaho and Wyoming. This is the first book devoted solely to the Teton's western slope, Soyland indicates, and it was a true labor of love.

Soyland wrote the text from the point of view of a wagon master because he was intrigued by what early settlers felt when they saw this magnificent valley for the first time, and what they might think could they return in Soyland says his goal is to inspire others to protect the landscape and the wildlife that inhabits it so that in another hundred years, and for generations to come, this magical place will remain unchanged.

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The oldest of nine children, Van Blaricom left home at the age of thirteen and worked for many of northeastern Montana's earliest ranches. After working for the Northern Pacific Railroad, he married Maud Griselle, one of the first female telegraphers for the Northern Pacific. More than a family history, An Uncommon Journey tells the personal stories of many of the first settlers of this last West: buffalo hunters, cattlemen, train drivers, early tradesmen, saloonkeepers, scallywags, and lawmen.

This is the story of many of the long-forgotten first settlers of old Dawson County and how they met the challenges of a country that was then primitive and remote at its best and deadly at its worst. For all of them it was, indeed, An Uncommon Journey.

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In , during Montana's territorial centennial year, Gladys Mullet Kauffman of Glendive, Montana, noticed the dwindling number of pioneers who had settled eastern Montana. Too many of them were taking their stories to the grave. So Mrs.