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Erik An Arizona Vengeance Novel eBook Sawyer Bennett

Once there, he apologizes for his prior actions again and tells her that he did find a lot of the foster families he had stayed with. Francis tells her about a sexual fantasy he has where a sexy housewife invites him in and the two play out the scenario, ending in a short bout of sex. Afterwards, Mae feels content, and when they are falling asleep he tells her that he has a second fantasy that she rate his performance on a scale from 1 to , and though she is uncomfortable she gives him the rating he desires.

The transparent shark, which we see devour other creatures now and in a later section, clearly symbolizes the Circle.

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Besides devouring everything in its path, it demonstrates that just because something is transparent doesn't mean it isn't powerful and terrifying. Ironically, Mae's followers are titillated by the display. Tension begins to strain many of Mae's relationships to the limit - she is unclear on whether and how to heed Kalden's warnings, she and Annie begin to cultivate a competitive animosity, she alienates her parents perhaps permanently, and Mercer continues to pull away from her while reminding her of an outsider's point of view on the Circle.

Instead of attempting to remedy these relationships, Mae focuses on her work duties and virtual relationships with customers and viewers, foreshadowing the only relationships she will have left at the end of the novel Francis, perhaps Eamon Bailey , and her viewers. The Chinese sculpture, created by a darkly sardonic artist, but interpreted as supporting the Circle, is an obvious irony.

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Mae even says that she feels the message of the sculpture must be obvious to everyone, interviewing some other employees who back up her supposition. The Circle already has an allusion to Communism in its Gang of 40 likely a reference to the Gang of Four, a faction of four officials of the Chinese Communist Party during the Cultural Revolution and this drives home the connection between overreaching government and technological involvement in private affairs. Villalobos's reveal of Mae's cancer risk briefly parodies a modern conflict of having perhaps too much information. Because of advanced medical techniques, one can calculate the risk for all kinds of diseases.

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This information can be used to adjust one's lifestyle, which is positive if the risk is high and the adjustment preventative, but can also be simply taxing if one now feels burdened by the knowledge when a risk is simply a propensity toward a medical condition rather than an indication of truly having that medical condition itself. When Mae drives back to the Circle after leaving her parents' house, she notes that she feels uncomfortable anywhere that isn't the campus because of the homelessness, smells, and general chaos.

This is what the Circle has been steering her toward - staying on campus at all times, insulated from the reality of a world that doesn't necessarily need absolute and Circle-mandated connection and order. Sawyer Bennett thrives on writing about hockey players, the game, the sense of loyalty between teammates, it's absolutely amazing and I'm a huge hockey fan so I was definitely engaged in their story. Also, Erik surprised me a lot, I was kind of expecting him to be a little douchier and his behavior was refreshing.

L. Van Warren (Author of Iterus)

The secondary characters were amazing! I can't wait for Tacker's story! The only reason I'm not rating this book with 5 stars is because I felt that I was a little more interested in what was going on with Legend, Pepper and Tacker I think I have a crush on Tacker! Recommended to anyone who loves a steamy hockey romance.

Tags : Amazon. I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival since the first book and the banter we witnessed between these two in that book. And I was not disappointed. Not at all! You can feel the chill in the air when she rebuffs him time and time again. As a matter of fact she seems a little hostile towards him.


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