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Mais sur les vingt-trois jeunes footballeurs, seuls onze joueront. Across the waves. How the United States and France Shaped the International Age of Radio The static-filled history of a pioneering radio partnership between two nations. In , the United States and France embarked on a broadcasting partnership built around radio. Over time, the transatlantic sonic alliance came to personify and to shape American-French relations in an era of increased global media production and distribution. Drawing on a broad range of American and French archives, Derek Vaillant joins textual and aural materials with original data analytics and maps to illuminate U.

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A young waiter leaves the French countryside in search of fame and fortune. A single woman leaves her home country behind in a last chance search for meaning and love.

In German occupied Paris an officer is lodged in the house of a defiant young Frenchwoman. And within each story is a simple postcard which may have dramatic consequences. Vie parfaite ou parfait mensonge? Mais le veut-elle vraiment? By : Elizabeth L. Banks Publisher : Payot. Lonesome Dove — Episode 2. La Guerre de Deux Cents Ans. In the French kitchen with kids. Forget the fuss and bring simple, delicious French dishes to your home kitchen with Mardi Michels as your guide. The result is an elegant, approachable cookbook featuring recipes tailored for young chefs and their families.

With helpful timetables to plan out baking projects, as well as tips on how to get kids involved in the cooking, this book breaks down any preconceived notion that French cuisine is too fancy or too difficult for kids to master. Le Londres romain fourmillait de lupanaria, de fornices, de thermes. Here is the selection for the week of January 10th :. Mortal Republic.


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Watts offers a new history of the fall of the Roman Republic that explains why Rome exchanged freedom for autocracy. As the center decayed and dysfunction grew, arguments between politicians gave way to political violence in the streets. The stage was set for destructive civil wars—and ultimately the imperial reign of Augustus. As the population exploded and the economy became ever more sophisticated, the growing share of poor citizens started to demand redress. But since the institutions of the republic were dominated by patricians who had much to lose from measures like land reform, they never fully addressed the grievances of ordinary Romans.

With popular rage against increasingly dysfunctional institutions swelling, ambitious patricians, determined to outflank their competitors, began to build a fervent base of support by making outsize promises. By : Edward J. Watts Publisher : Basic Books. By : Marion Publisher : Editions du Triomphe. The remaining pieces are quite short, my own favourite Bacri piece coming with the Petit prelude.

Much of the music is not technically demanding, but it needs shaping with the dedication shown by Eliane Reyes, her clarity and unhurried approach ideal for the soft slow moving music. This is a fine introduction to the piano music of the scandalously underrated French composer Nicolas Bacri by Franco-Mexican pianist Eliane Reyes. Her first solo recital for Naxos was released just over a year ago, spotlighting the music of the Polish French composer Alexandre Tansman.

That disc was marred a little by recording hitches - ironically it was produced by Bacri! This time round, Elias' artistry and Bacri's listener-friendly originality combine to produce a recital of considerable interest and broad appeal - and these are all first recordings to boot. Reyes' recital opens with the Prelude and Fugue op. The three-movement, twice-revised Second Piano Sonata follows, its dark, sombre opening segueing into an initially ferocious scherzo, with no let-up for the pianist's fingers in the pell-mell finale.

Atonality is never far away in Bacri's music, but nor is tonality, and the overall soundscape of the Sonata is one that Prokofiev and Shostakovich would recognise - and likely admire. The most openly modernistic works are the Short Variations on a Dodecaphonic Theme and The Childhood of Art , both early flirtations with Schoenbergian principles, but even here the gentleness and lyricism of Bacri's music - the latter work, for example, contains four dreamy Nocturnes - is unlikely to offend any but the most delicate of ears.

These are not anachronisms, but more akin to new translations of old works. Thus there is some atonal Baroque and jazzy Classicism along the way as Bacri pays tribute not only to his favourite composers from earlier centuries, but also to Prokofiev and Satie. Reyes gives an elegant, sensitive and technically assured account of Bacri's works, most of which she premiered.

Perhaps the fact that she did not premiere op. As previously mentioned, sound quality is good, though there are a few minor technical anomalies, mainly, but not entirely, confined to L'Enfance de l'Art - odd squeaks in the final movement, the suspicion of one or two editing joins in other sections. The CD booklet offers nothing fancy and the notes are typically densely printed, but they are informative and well written, and there is also a nice photo of Reyes and Bacri together.

Byzantion Collected reviews and contact at reviews. Et puis y revenir encore. Sans grand tapage, le Parisien Nicolas Bacri poursuit son petit bonhomme de chemin musical. The name of French composer Nicolas Bacri was unknown to me before I received this disc. The delightful short ten and a half minute piece, cast in five short movements, has something typically French about it with witty interludes alongside bittersweet moments.

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The two pleasant surprises here are the all but unknown works by Bacri and Ustvolskaya. Nicolas Bacri is a French composer who has written in virtually every genre but is known particularly for his chamber music.

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Bis , distrib. Zu finden sind hier die zwei fertigen Konzerte der in Entstehung befindlichen Les quatre saisons op.

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These splendidly eloquent, attractive, tonal works all date from the last decade. Concerto Amoroso combines suggestions of Sibelian development with Shostakovich-like harmonic progressions especially evident in the searching slow movement , in a neo-classical structure. There is seriousness and emotional depth at the core of the piece, dismissed by a return to the liveliness of the opening section in a brief coda. Concerto nostalgico opens with a brooding, appropriately autumnal meditation for the cello, and the whole work exudes a chilly, desolate atmosphere; not morose, but uneasy and dark-hued throughout.

The brief Nocturne takes this shadowy intensity even further; a somber meditation masking shattering despair, the atmosphere of many a Shostakovich slow movement. Not trying to be taken too seriously, this exquisitely crafted work is an entertaining delight, light but not lightweight.

Tapiola Sinfonietta; Jean-Jacques Kantorow. Als er in Rom Giacinto Scelsi kennenlernte, erweiterte sich sein Spektrum nachhaltig.

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Als ich ihn vor ca. Kaum etwas Interessantes, das Bacri nicht kennt. Seine besondere Vorliebe gilt dem Neoklassizismus, weswegen er das konzertante Schaffen ganz besonders pflegt ca. In seinen Streichquartetten hingegen ist er viel expressionistischer und dissonanter, und die Symphonien sind in der Faktur dichter und strenger.