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Why I Don’t Teach Tithing

I am so happy to be reconnected to my faith and to have God as my Partner. So I decided I was going to do it with my next paycheck, which just happened to be yesterday. I checked my account balance this morning and noticed that an extra check had cleared that I forgot I wrote out. This should have overdrawn my account but after paying my bills and that check there is still extra money left. I had no idea tithing would work this quickly. My husband had income and it was my responsibility to pay the bills. We had discussed tithing briefly, but he was more interested in making small contributions to local organizations that did good in the community.

Great idea, I know, but not tithing. I felt it was important to respect his wishes. I was not tithing regularly at that time. Finances were really tight and both of our families were assisting us with money, then I started working — just 4 hours a week — teaching dance to children and teens.

Then, things started happening. I thought that was pretty funny…. Then I started seeding. Then, I got offered to take over for someone at the dance studio who is retiring, which will triple my hours starting in September, and hopefully include an increase in my hourly rate. Then my mother showed up with a big check for us, that she had been saving up for us. At that point, I decided it was time to tell my husband what I had been doing. Ahh, that feels good! I love paying my bills each month, it excites me knowing that we are heading towards a goal of no debt in the near future, and for next year, , start saving AND of course, doing it all with God as our partner.

I recently was laid off from my job of 14 years. Though I was worried about money among other things, I gave a tithe larger than normal. I have always been fighting myself on this matter. In the next week I discovered I received a 26 week severance package and had a new job forthcoming as well making more than I did in the past. God truly has a way of working it all out. I am 27 years old.

What Some Pastors Won't Tell You About Tithing! -

I have known about tithing for some time but I was always making excuses when it came to tithing. My husband while we were dating would tithe whenever there was a promotion but I never was convicted to do it. I then read an article on tithing while surfing on the internet, and read Malachi 3 vs and thought of trying God. I had applied for a job as a Human Resources Manager and was invited for an interview.

I was called by the company two days later for a second interview. They called me and told me that they decided to pick two people for the job and they have created a post for me as the second person to be an assistant Human Resources Manager. I would first like to give infinite thanks to God for having tapped into my heart and for allowing me to live according to His Will. The anecdote I have to share regarding tithing starts when I had a fast-food job with extensive work hours which did not give me time to congregate at my local church.

One time I made an agreement with God, which was for God to allow me to have a job according to His will, and if He granted me this petition, I would give Him ten percent of my income. A month after making this agreement with God, I got a call from another job and now I am able to enjoy more time with my son; I give more of my time to the church and what is most important is that I offer to God ten percent of my income.

Start today and open the door to the heavens in your favor. God Bless you all! I am managing director of a company called www. It does work — it feels great every time to be donating profits straight to a charitable trust, and to be supporting projects across Africa and the UK. We have paid for cows to go to Kenya, bore holes to be dug in East Africa, and a range of projects in the UK as well.

I call upon as many others as possible to do the same thing. Although our company is fairly small. I must admit to have had my doubts about tithing. I always felt it was to enrich the pastors. My life changed in when I got married and changed careers. After years of working in IT I left my job to become an insurance salesman. There was no guarantee of income and having just bought a new home I was really scared.

Ironically the stock was worth half this when I handed in my notice. Miraculously the company I was leaving became the subject of a takeover and the stock price went through the roof. In hindsight God was getting me ready for my new venture. The results during that year were phenomenal.

What Does the Bible Say About Giving?

Sales were popping up everywhere. Never a week went by without me closing a deal. I was top salesman in my branch, runner up for rookie of the year in my company and finished in the top 10 of all sale people in the company. I even qualified for an overseas sales convention to Mexico. While I was grateful I did not attribute the success at the time to tithing.

Being young 25 at the time I somehow felt I was this great salesman. Invariably the sales dried up and I subsequently migrated. It would take me 10 years later to form my own business. The first year was hell and it seem like I was working 10 hrs a day and reaping nothing. My relationship with God got back to a great place and God spoke to me about the issue of tithing.

kick-cocoa.info/components/mozysyh/vexyr-come-rilevare-programmi.php For the first time I had a full understanding of this divine principle and its effects. I understood that tithing was really not about our money but about our hearts. When Jesus said seek ye first the kingdom and all things will be added I now understand what He meant.

He uses 10, naira from a previous financial blessing, which he has already tithed , on transportation. His tithable income is 90, naira and not , When he is giving his tithe he is scripturally bound to give 9, naira as his tithe. There is absolutely nothing wrong in giving extra as tithe, neither is there anything wrong in giving tithe of both your investments and profits, but from the scope of the scriptures what I just explained is acceptable.

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Let us examine the tithe giving life of Jacob. Jacob said to God;. Jacob said he would surely give the tenth of all that God gives him. This implies profit which in the business world is the difference between total revenue generated and amount invested.

Is tithing biblical?

That is what you give tithe on. We are expected to also tithe financial gifts. Now that we have settled this, let us go on to the benefits of giving your tithe. Open Heavens and direct access to God and His Benefits. Malachi shows us that God would open the windows of heaven unto you. I hear people praying for an open heaven. By the Spirit of God, through Malachi , I realized that the only way to have the windows of heaven opened unto me is by faithfully giving my tithe.

Open heavens does not answer to prayer and fasting. No amount of prayer and fasting can unlock any window of heaven for you.

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Tithing is the key that unlocks the windows of heaven; and tithing faithfully and regularly guarantees that your heavens remain open all the time. This is the fact of the scripture. Divine protection from Devourers. Devourers are rebuked by the Lord when you give your tithe. Devourers are devils agents of destruction: they steal, kill and destroy like their master the devil. Sickness, hardship, failure, poverty, unsuccessfulness, stagnancy, disfavour, rejection and all the works of the devil are all devourers.

By giving your tithe, God rebukes them from your life. Increasing outpouring and overflow of Divine Blessings manifest in your life. The other benefit of giving our tithe is that God would pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough room to receive it. This is great! God blesses the one who gives His tithe faithfully. The Word of God that you read and confess would work immensely for you when you give your tithe faithfully; and because God Has rebuked the devourers, and opened the windows of heaven to you, you will prosper, and continue prospering, until you become very prosperous in life.

Tithing requires faithfulness for you to fully reap its benefits. We are to give our tithe in our church, ministry or assembly of worship. Hebrews