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Read the writings of wise men and women of all time. Listen to your co-disciples, for they are co-responsible for your spiritual welfare, and the responsibility is mutual. You can learn from their right actions and from their mistakes as well, just as they may learn from yours. Finding Peace of Heart. The proud or envious person is never satisfied. Only those who live humbly and simply are entirely at peace in their souls. If they do succeed in denying themselves some earthly good, they are then unhappy and tend to react crossly to anyone who annoys them.

Yet if they give in to their appetites, they find that their conscience will not let them be happy - and they are none the closer to the peace and contentment they are seeking. The earth-bound person, whose life is one of searching for new amusements and distractions, does not have that peace. The devout person alone has it. It is necessary to avoid two extremes. One must not blindly obey to lower appetites; on the other hand, there is no use in following a sort of self-discipline that generates too much of a neurotic conflict.

Balance is of the essence. There are also karmic tides to observe and to understand in this lifelong effort. Once one grasps universal truths, lower self desires are gradually uprooted. The foundations of a winning self-discipline are in realizing our personal interconnectedness to the whole Cosmos. When our mental horizon includes that of our galaxy, it becomes easier for us to have a humble and orderly life on the physical plane.

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A Life of Poverty. There is no shame, of course, in our serving others for the love of Jesus Christ, or in adopting a life of poverty. The idea that there is no shame in our serving others for the sake of spiritual soul is present in older religions than Christianity. In the Vedas, for example, the Brhad-aranyaka Upanishad says: Verily, not for the sake of the wife is the wife dear, but a wife is dear for the sake of the [supreme] Self.

Verily, not for the sake of the sons are the sons dear, but the sons are dear for the sake of the [supreme] Self. There is an impersonal, divine dimension in human affections which we can learn to develop, and of which we may become fully conscious in due time. Follow Your Sense of Duty. If each of us does the good that it is in our power to perform, God [ the Law ] will use us as his [ its ] instruments. Renunciation to personal desire leads to a life of voluntary simplicity, in which ethics and wisdom are possible. Justice is impartial, and one of the Mahatmas of the Himalayas wrote: By fulfilling our inner spiritual duty, we learn to cooperate with our own higher selves, and with other, more advanced beings.

Number of the page of each quotation is mentioned in parenthesis at its end. The pamphlet is available at www. Org and their associated websites. Gardner right in that. A Editorial Note: Sri Ram, the president of the Adyar Society between and , may have forgotten, in the s, that conscious falsehood is not acceptable in theosophy. Using a subtle, indirect and elegant language, he clearly agreed with E. Gardner in that C. Surprisingly enough, however, and perhaps due to some good-willing political calculation, Mr.

Radha Burnier , led the Esoteric School since and up to her death in The rejection of well-known and documented illusions can take place through a firm top-down decision, or it can also occur from the bottom upwards, as in a slow-motion, grassroots awakening. Decade after decade, this step-by-step process has been happening.

Historia Religionum 2 - Bleeker - Widengren

An important aspect of the following text by Gardner is that it gives a direct testimony as to Mrs. The reader must take into consideration that E. Gardner was perhaps the first Adyar Society author - in the second half of the 20 th century - to show pseudo-theosophy for what it is. Few historical documents about the period were available by then to Adyar members. His views were therefore limited. Annie Besant had been false from the very start: Besides being valuable and significant in itself, the effort made by E.

Gardner in the s and s created the conditions for the vast work developed by Geoffrey Farthing from the s and up to his death in May Both theosophists lived in England. The movement owes them a great debt of gratitude. Front cover and opening page of the pamphlet written by Edward L. For help in preparing and presenting this statement I am much indebted to Mr.

Wallace Slater and Mr. Leslie-Smith, and to the latter also for the final section. Annie Besant and Bishop C. Most of the Sections and Lodges of The Theosophical Society accepted this proclamation with confidence and diverted much of their energy to the Star Campaign - in preparation for his Coming.

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Obviously there has been no Coming. It has, however, now become known that the source of the proclamation was Bishop Leadbeater himself. In letters he wrote to Mrs. As Truth is a priority among Theosophists, it is my hope that the following explanatory analysis of important events in the history of the Society will be helpful. A witty satirist declared: The most misleading, far-reaching and disturbing are those that are honestly believed to be truth.

It is with these that we are concerned here. Many of his early contributions in articles, special manuals, treatises and books are still widely held as good, useful and instructive; and I would add my own warm indebtedness to him during several years of my early membership.

Then, however, came Mrs. The evidence and the proof, though long delayed, have now emerged. A number of letters sent by C.

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These have but recently come to my knowledge. Besant accepted the information in good faith and announced the founding.

Historia Religionum 2 - Bleeker - Widengren

They relate to the celebration of Mass, the effect of consecration and of priesthood, and to numerous details of ecclesiastical procedure. The answers to these many questions all support and endorse the clerical views of Bishop Leadbeater himself. It is the sacerdotal caste, the priesthood and the churches; it is in those illusions that man looks upon as sacred, that he has to search out the source of that multitude of evils which is the great curse of humanity The sum of human misery will never be diminished unto that day when the better portion of humanity destroys in the name of Truth, morality and universal charity, the altars of their false gods.

And in Letter No. These are the gods the Hindus and Christians and Mahomed and all others of bigoted religions and sects worship. These extracts from letters written by the Masters K. I have chosen you to hold it He quotes these words as from the Lord Maitreya.

Eighty-Eight Buddhas Repentance Ceremony (1 hour)

Yet Krishnamurti - the Chosen Vehicle - was beginning to rebel, and a few years later utterly repudiated all connection. The Lord has not come, so far as we know Theosophists are in no sense bound to accept Leadbeater as an infallible teacher.

With the advantage of forty years perspective, plus the letters to Annie Besant and the events of , it is now clear as some have long known or suspected that the Lord Maitreya and the Masters with whom Leadbeater was on such familiar terms were his own thought-creations. Yet I feel certain that there was no intention to deceive. His clairvoyance was unquestioned. It was by that faculty that he discovered the boy Krishnamurti, who has at any rate turned out to be a great leader of thought, widely acknowledged all over the world.

This discovery in itself was no small feat, and it was not an isolated case. Nor was it a case of a split mind.

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Kriyashakti Conscious and Unconscious. It is a well-known term in Occultism, and its meaning has been abundantly demonstrated during the past few decades in research work on the mysteries of the human mind. The description of the mind by Patanjali, given long ago, is still much to the point: Personal memories consist of such images imprinted on the mind, in size minute but readily expanded when the higher mental ray of light is focused on them.

Such a momentary focus is all that one needs to recognize a familiar face and figure. Some of the imprints in the sphere of the lower mind are very clear images because of frequent repetition - for example, those of parents, children and other relatives, friends and acquaintances - but others need some scrutiny by the focused ray in order to be remembered.

Pictured forms can also be built in the mind by the ray itself. Any memory record can be strengthened by repeated recollection and, occasionally, the picture will become most pronounced: They have mentally conceived and created a form - and stepped into it. Unconscious creative thought may also follow long-continued contemplation of a religious symbol, such as a crucifix.

Mento-etheric repercussion is the simple reason. The same kind of effect - a bruise on the body - may follow from a very vivid dream in which one shrinks from, but receives, a severe dream blow. Psychotherapy is becoming familiar with all of these. Mind and emotions are of the second and third elemental kingdoms, and the essence of which these are composed is itself very much alive.

A memory training course will speedily prove this, and is well worth the experiment. Although well-planned exercises enable one to memorize verse and prose easily, retain figures and dates by association devices and so forth, one soon realizes that the mind is a separate entity from oneself.