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by Thomas More

Cheaters Book 2. Synopsis A frustrated girlfriend launches a complicated undercover surveillance plan to find out whether her suspiciously acting boyfriend is cheating, but unbeknownst to her he has the same game plan in mind. Director Frank Rajah Arase. Screenplay Frank Rajah Arase.

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Connect with. View All. Latest Headline. Chapter 3 - Cheat if you can. Chapter 4 - I'll take all 3 choices.


Chapter 5 - Immortality. Chapter 6 - Wallet warrior. Chapter 7 - Her first kiss? Chapter 7. Chapter 8 - Cracking mask. Chapter 9 - Mathematically optimal. Chapter 10 - Who's dumb. Chapter 11 - Rich and famous. Chapter 12 - Getting down to business. Chapter 13 - Got myself a stalker. Chapter 14 - Got myself a mother. Chapter 15 - The beginning of a journey.

Chapter 16 - The magic of Alterlife2. Chapter 17 - Welcome to Niardo. Chapter 18 - Tokens of my affection. Chapter 19 - Explosive farts. Chapter 20 - Filling the toolbox. Chapter 21 - Getting to know each others. Chapter 22 - Meeting with relatives. Chapter 23 - Busted. Chapter 24 - Enigma. Chapter 25 - Enraged. Chapter 26 - The power of money. Chapter 27 - The power of love. Chapter 28 - Kneeko the demon. Chapter 29 - The hardship of beauty.

Chapter 30 - I will miss you. Chapter 31 - Chronicle of the iridescent dragoness. Chapter 32 - Zombies and trumpets. Chapter 33 - When shit hit the fan Part1. Chapter 34 - When shit hit the fan Part2. Chapter 35 - I missed you. Chapter 36 - Flintstones Rip-off. Chapter 37 - Meeting the neighbour V2. Chapter 38 - Reunion V2. Chapter 39 - More people, more trouble V2. Quick Update.

Chapter 40 - I love her.

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Chapter 41 - Scientific approach. Chapter 42 - Irene's return. Chapter 43 - Making history. Chapter 44 - Independence day? Chapter 45 - Kneeko the hacker?

Chapter 46 - Transcendence. Chapter 47 - Back on my feet. Chapter 48 - Overused rape scenario. Chapter 49 - It's raining men, hallelujah. Chapter 50 - The 'good' Samaritan. I personally love it. But when Brads world is turned upside down, will he still be able to do what he has been trained to do. Can he save his lover and his daughter? I loved the book and the way Samantha entwine's the charchters from her other series'.


Trump is world's worst cheater at golf: book

A mission is not the same without Carter making an appearance and a few dead bodies left behind. I can't wait for more to come from Samantha and by the looks of the 'coming soon' notices in the back. We are in for a treat. Brad and Avery just wanted to vacation with Brad's daughter and her boyfriend. Avery and Brad, both, are prior military. Avery and her spidey sense knew something was off from the moment she landed.

She wasnt expecting who it would be. She knew her work would eventually bite her in the rear. Brad wasnt sure he would find the one again. Him being older and his line of work, he knew it would be hard to settle down. That is until he met Avery.