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And, he loved it. Sean said that he and his colleagues used hand-marked cards, not even key punched cards. He mused that even later, the 30 VAX terminals from the computer lab at his college had one-thousandth the capabilities of an iPhone. After two years, he was designing operating systems for small business computers and then moved on to Olivetti.

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Once that project was abandoned, Sean and his American wife moved toSwitzerlandwhere he worked for a company that second-sourced ASIC designs. His role was to manage the network and develop tools and utilities to support the design services team. The company needed utilities, especially for verification, to help retarget designs. The company, Speed Electronics, was sold in to Mentor Graphics. After 10 years inSwitzerland, the Dart family, that now included two children, relocated toSilicon Valleyin pre-Internet but quickly discovered that the SF Bay Area was an expensive place to raise a family.

So in , after only five months in Silicon Valley, he and his family moved to a town 15 miles east of Redmond. Brett may be a bit more informal than the consummate executive of old, but one is not fooled by the informality. Anyone who talks to him will pick up on his competitive streak. I push myself to do things better and I try to encourage others to exceed as well. You may have also heard that Brett is one marketing executive willing to dress in costume, as the situation calls for it.

EDA has a few Northeastern grads, but younger readers may not know that Northeastern is renowned for its five-year co-op program where students get real-world experience by working in companies before graduating Other schools of course offer co-op university programs, such as the University of Cincinnati where the Contributing Editor obtained his engineering degrees.

Brett was put to work on a waveform project, then VHDL simulation graphical tools and was tasked to work with the SimVision team. He enjoyed working with the sales and FAEs, and eventually moved into technical marketing for many of the same products he had spent time building. In , he ran marketing for the ex-SimTech products, then picked up corporate communications responsibilities as well.

It was in November that Brett called a friend at CynApps about joining. He knew the legend of Dr. Brett liked much of the CynApps story, especially the verification piece, but he remained a bit skeptical about behavioral synthesis, a still unproven technology. The first thing one learns about John Sanguinetti when talking with him, is his modesty. The second is his candor. I learned Fortran from a self-study course that the government had. After that, I took as many programming courses as I could.

This was , when Computer Science was not much more than programming courses. His fondness of the Universityof Michiganand Ann Arboris strong. He met his wife in college and his daughter Anne was born in Michigan. A fine trombone player since he was a teenager, he has also performed with the Peninsula Symphony for 25 years.

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It sits on the beach of theChesapeake Bay, giving him ample opportunity to sail his Sunfish sailboat off the beach or take the wooden kayak he and his wife built several years ago. Yes, a wooden kayak. John recalled finding a company that sells kits for building wooden boats. Over the course of two summers, two weeks at a time, they built a kayak now housed atChesapeake Bay. He said, with characteristic modesty, that the experience was like any other woodworking project, which meant following directions.

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It was straightforward, though he recalled lots of sanding. And definitely a bit of patience and fortitude.


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The merger of CynApps and Chronology created an interesting dilemma and one that was debated all the way to the board room. The question was how to make Forte Design Systems both a verification company and a synthesis company.

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Chronology was making money as a verification provider, but was not doing as well as Verisity now part of Cadence. CynApps was making a little money in the synthesis area, though not enough to pay all the bills; however, it was able to secure funding to grow the company. The decision was made to continue to focus on high-level synthesis and to utilize the plethora of verification tools to build a high-level synthesis environment with verification at its core. And in that same year, Sony, Ricoh and Fujitsu became high-level synthesis customers of the newly combined Forte and the push was on.

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