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Evolving global conversation regarding taxation of the digital economy

Global internet traffic will increase nearly threefold in the next five years says the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index , a leading industry tracker of internet use. Over the next five years global IP networks will support up to 10bn new devices and connections, increasing from This is the equivalent of about 10 large nuclear power stations.

Data centre capacity is also rocketing in Europe and Asia with London, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam expected to add nearly MW of consumption in , or the power equivalent of a medium size power station. Trends that started in the US are now standard in Europe. It will require large diesel generators as back up for when the wind does not blow. Pressed by Greenpeace and other environment groups, large tech companies with a public face , including Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel and Amazon, have promised to use renewable energy to power data centres.

In most cases they are buying it off grid but some are planning to build solar and wind farms close to their centres. They are just adding to demand and reducing our percentage. Agriculture and agribusiness are projected to become a trillion-dollar industry in Africa by C, signed an agreement to proceed with the Interim Phase of the Nigerian narrow-gauge railway concession. In this episode, the …. Search Social Menu. GM foods: The battle for Africa Can genetically modified foods boost agricultural productivity and bring food security to Africa?

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International hotel brands target sub-Saharan Africa Leading hotel operators are seeking out opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa and other emerging markets. Advances in the performance, costs, reliability and security of a cloud infrastructure benefit not only the cloud company making the investments but all of its users regardless of industry. The report proposes a novel approach for measuring the size of the digital economy that better captures the impact of digital technologies including the various spillover effects.

The approach is based on three fairly elaborate methodologies:. Measure the value flowing from accumulated digital assets.

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This involves reclassifying certain digital expenditures that are not considered investments in pure accountancy terms. Include the indirect spillover effects from digital assets. We estimate this effect by contrasting our estimate of the total returns to digital investment… with an estimate of the private returns to the stock of digital assets that companies receive.

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Using this new approach, the report modeled the GDP impact of technology investments across a sample of about countries over three decades. It then applied this model to economic data from 50 advanced and developing countries around the world to estimate the true size of their digital economies.


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The authors found:. To make the most of this, governments will need to work hard within their own constraints to create an environment where private companies can invest, and where the spillover effects from the investments being made can be maximized. If they do this, the rewards will be considerable [and] the digital economy will flourish. We are likely to see digital spillovers finding new channels to spread the productivity impacts of technology around the economy, delivering a major boost to GDP growth.

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