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Some neighborhood names appear to be jokes. Some have stuck around for centuries , despite changing connotations. Some shift with the winds of gentrification. The Upper East Side is now one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the city, but until the mids, much of the space was open to all.

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At the beginning of the 19th century, the city began to parcel the land [PDF] for purchase and for rent, but these transactions were speculative, hopeful even, given that the lots were considered to be in the middle of nowhere. Fortieth Street was the southern border of the 19th Ward , an old city administrative subdivision, but the opening of the Queensboro Bridge in created a more natural boundary in 59th Street.

Upper East Siders tend to be territorial, so it's no surprise that three historic areas that defined the neighborhood have lingered on: Lenox Hill , Yorkville , and Carnegie Hill. Even though the area was thought of as a no man's land until the early 20th century see the above comic , what we now know as the Upper East Side started to take shape well before that. James Church was built in , at what is now 69th Street and Lexington Avenue , on Common Lands appropriated for that purpose.

It was the only Episcopal church between the Bowery and Westchester.

It also sat on a hill, and locals loved flocking to the heights in the summer to escape mosquitos bearing yellow fever. He bought his first plot from the foreclosed estate of Archibald Gracie, a man who had made his home in the area two decades earlier. His home was Gracie Mansion , now the residence of our city's mayor. It was built along the poorly-kept route connecting Hellgate Ferry at 86th Street with the old Boston Post Road in By the mids, speculators had snatched up most of the land around the Ferry Road, and the area came to be known as Yorkville , perhaps after nearby "York Hill," also known as Harlem Heights.


Upper East Side

Now used by Metro North, it's the oldest operating tunnel of any kind in the city. This train connected this new hamlet, centered around 86th Street , with the rest of civilization, both north and south. Many of the settlers of Yorkville were Germans. It took him 18 minutes, he said — half the time it had taken from his previous apartment near Columbia University.

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Mostly, though, they wanted to live on the park. The architecture, views and the park itself are the reasons many residents cite for moving to Central Park West, which borders the entire west side of Central Park, stretching two and a half miles from West 59th Street to West th Street. Barbara Rosen, 75, a psychologist, and Patricia A.

The graceful dimensions and aesthetics of their apartment were important, Ms. Martone said, but the level of service was unexpected. Staffers visit twice a day on a service elevator off their kitchen to collect trash, and mail is delivered to their front door. Rosen said. Like Ms. Simon, they walk to museums across the park, and also visit the Museum of Natural History and the New-York Historical Society Museum a few blocks away, as well as Lincoln Center, about 25 blocks south.

Martone said.

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But they wanted their son, Christopher, then 13, to be able to walk to the Collegiate School, on West 62nd Street, where he was readmitted. She started warming up to the West Side when she found the four-bedroom, three-bath apartment across the street from Central Park where they still live. She met a trainer who took her to workouts in the park.

Now, she and Mr. Isenberg, both in their 70s, take their grandchildren to the park, where they enjoy the zoo and watch the horse carriages. Their busiest time for visitors is around Thanksgiving, when they watch the annual parade from their windows, at eye level with the balloons. Isenberg said. Only a handful of stores interrupt the parade of residences and a few religious and educational institutions. The Dakota, at 1 West 72nd Street, is probably its best-known building.

Upper West Side Neighborhood Tour - A New York City GEM ! (Manhattan)

It is where John Lennon lived and was murdered in , a century after construction on the building began. This district is one of the epicenters of the fashion industry, not just in New York, but for the entire world.

List of Manhattan neighborhoods

The area is within an easy walk to high-end shopping on Fifth and Madison Avenues, and, as such, this neighborhood attracts a wide range of luxury real estate buyers and investors from all over the world. East Village is home to New York University, and therefore, droves students, artists, and musicians proliferate this area. Chelsea was once an industrial neighborhood, but now, it's primarily residential.

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List of Manhattan neighborhoods

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