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Days of Our Lives Wayback: Remember Isabella Toscano Black

Ferdinand and Isabella. Edition 1st Edition. First Published Imprint Routledge. Pages pages. Subjects Humanities.

Isabella's Accommodation

Back to book. Pages Isabella was sure that there was no way that Kayla was guilty so she partnered with John to unmask the true culprit whom they believed to be Victor.

However, in a stunning twist, it was revealed that Isabella herself had committed the foul deed and then blocked the incident from her memory. Kayla was freed and an investigation proved that Isabella had acted in self-defense so no charges were pressed.

Once the guests were assembled and the vessel launched, Ernesto spirited his daughter away to an island and left behind a ticking time bomb! A New Normal Isabella and the shipwreck survivors were rescued and returned to Salem.

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She also tried to bond with Victor but his shady business practices and illegal activities proved to be continual roadblocks. Her relationship with John deepened and the two became a bonafide couple. However, they were both knocked for a loop when a presumed dead Marlena Evans was revealed to be alive and well, having spent the past four years in a coma.

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Black After suffering an identity crisis, John proposed to a heavily pregnant Isabella and the two made it down the aisle on May 19, However, before the ceremony could be completed, Isabella went into labor and delivered Brady Victor Black. After a few minutes of recovery, Isabella insisted on continuing and she and John were declared husband and wife. When John went to kiss his bride, he found her fast asleep.

leondumoulin.nl/language/diaries/1144-love-for-the.php The End Just a few months later, the deliriously happy newlyweds were dealt a devastating blow.