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With a blizzard descending and nowhere to go, Haven curls up on the club doorstep, courting death. Hopeless and shattered, on the verge of losing consciousness, he makes a wish for Kellen to find happiness some day. Burned by two former submissives, Jake vows never to collar one again. Then his best friend Ray brings him a sub like no other. Finn is damaged and bitter, although not as bitter as Jake.

Everyone Finn has ever loved walked away from him.

He fears caring for anyone when he knows the outcome will shatter his heart again. When they talk the owners into selling them some T-shirts, naughtiness ensues. The three submissives invite their dominants out to their favorite club, Darkness, for a night of fun jumpstarted by the suggestive T-shirts.

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A worried Finn just wants Jake, his overworked dominant, to relax. Haven is looking to bring some laughter to his usually serious Dom, Kellen. And mischievous Micah has the tallest order to fill. But his roommate and best friend Chase Courtland never showed an interest in him. Twelve years and a handful of failed relationships later, Logan acknowledges that he still loves Chase. But can two best friends bridge the gap of a dozen years of denial and build a life together after one amazing night of revelations, confessions and love?

Sebastian Marchetti has spent his life doing two things, hiding his sexuality and flying. Bas loves Ryder enough to be his dirty little secret. Sebastian Marchetti and his husband Ryder Beckett are flying high since their retirement from the Air Force. With the Marchettis and the entire town of Forza pitching in to help, Bas and Ryder strive to make Christmas unforgettable for a special little boy and his newborn brother while laying to rest past and present pain.

Jay Sparks lost his virginity and found his true sexual orientation at a rock festival on his eighteenth birthday. He also gave away his heart. The one thing Jay has always known to be true was that he and Matt loved each other. When fate finally brings them back together, finding a way to blend their lives becomes a labor of love. Through their years together, the love they found at eighteen grows and matures but remains an eternal flame that burns unwavering in both their hearts. The confession changes both their lives.

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They portray much more than the physical act. They are descriptive, sensual, passionate, and just plain hot. They also evoke a great deal of emotion and understanding. I bypassed the kitten room and headed straight for older cats. It took me a few minutes to work out what color coding on the cages meant: available to adopt now, available on such and such a date, sick cat, already neutered, age, etc. Being a bit overwhelmed by so much going on, I retreated to a quieter area with only a few cages.

She gave me a sympathic smile. Empty carrier at my feet, I cradled the cat to my chest. She crawled right up to my shoulder and snuggled in, purring. It went downhill from there. We couldn't find her paperwork, and when someone returned it, I read these words: "Sick cat, not responding to drug name ". My heart fell for this poor little girl.

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The volunteer said, "They've started her on a new med, but it's too soon to tell if it will help her respiratory infection. You don't have other cats, do you? She'll need to be isolated until she's better, and given medicine every day. She wasn't the older cat I wanted, and because of her illness, she wasn't available for adoption, but putting her back in a cold cage just wasn't something I could do. I found out later that most adoptees only wanted small kittens or older cats.

According to her info sheet, her name was "Robin" because she'd been picked up by animal control on Robin Lane.

Day 1: 30 Days of Christmas 2012

Okay, that last bit of info simply broke my heart. I took her home that day. She wasn't playful like a kitten, since she was ill and malnourished, but she wanted to cuddle a lot. Oh, did you know that giving liquid meds to a cat is a real chore? I had claw marks to prove it, but I persevered.

After seven days of medicine the cat still coughed and sneezed. I despaired of her ever getting better, until trial and error proved she was allergic to the Glade plug-ins the former homeowner had left behind. She made a full recovery. I took her back to the shelter for shots and spaying, and that afternoon, signed adoption papers on Willow.

gilymyvyzego.tk This pretty girl didn't deserve to be named after where she'd been dumped. So now I have a cat, and not the older cat I thought I wanted, but a cat that chose me. She's full of energy now, and my poor spider plant lost all its tendrils to her playfulness, but she keeps me company, meets me at the door each day when I come home, and plays fetch like a dog.

I'd like you to meet Willow, during a calm moment:. Posted by Eden Winters at AM 11 comments:. Another Great Review. Now how long until book four is out?! Saturday, October 26, Reviews! I've been busy catching up after GayRomLit, and haven't had time to post reviews, but two of my books have had very kind words said about them lately: The wonderful Lena Grey at Rainbow Book Reviews read and commented on Diversion and Collusion. Thanks, Eden, for introducing us to Lucky and Bo.

I'm looking forward to seeing them again in the sequel. Getting to know more about Bo and Lucky is bittersweet at times, but it is enlightening and re-affirming as well. Their jovial banter is still there adding comic relief; but their conversations, for the most part, are of a far more serious nature, as these two complicated men do their best to open up and express their love.

Our education of the drug trafficking drama continues along with the appalling heartbreak it brings in its wake.


Although it seems like an endless battle, it's a cause that can't be deserted because even if it makes a difference to one person, it's worth the fight. Fans of the first book in this series will not be disappointed with this sequel. I recommend it, not only to those who have read the first book, but to those who might be considering the series. It's full of adventure, intrigue, passion, angst, and a satisfying conclusion. Thank you, Eden, for continuing Bo and Lucky's story. I'm looking forward to book three. Today's word is one that is so easy to overuse and yes, I'm guilty myself.

Here's an example, taken from one of my earlier manuscripts, The Pirate's Gamble: Once again he thanked whatever power had thrust it into his possession as he wrapped his hands around it to shield the glow he knew to expect, visualizing his destination clearly in his mind. Still, I could definitely spice up these words with a few little changes: Once again he thanked whatever power had thrust the artifact into his possession as he wrapped his hands around the stone to shield the glow he knew to expect, keeping his destination clearly in mind.

Now it doesn't matter that you put your book down for a few hours--you still know what "it" is.

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I've also been touting deep POV lately, though, so let's take this one step further and see if I can create a greater connection between Ian and readers: "Whoever left this for me to find," he raised the stone aloft, "I give you my thanks. He closed his eyes, picturing a white house with black shutters, frothy curtains dancing in the breeze, and David, his sweet David, waiting by the door.

Does the third example make you feel more a part of story? It also provides a bit of back story.

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There's a place that Ian loves, and a man he loves. He wants to go there.

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Here's another example in which I've used "it" four times in one sentence: After working the moisture from it as best he could with the towel, he combed it again so that it fell in soft, auburn waves down his back as it dried. I'm speaking of his hair, but how boring would "hair" four times be? Let's try: After working the moisture from his auburn waves as best he could with the towel, he applied a comb until the the damp strands fell in soft waves down his back.

As with all the other words I've written about, sometimes "it" is the best choice. Other times, however, "it" acts as a speed bump, slowing the action when the reader must pause to work out the references. Good morning, y'all!