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I thank the Lord for showing me the way and for using you, and I thank you for loving our Saviour so passionately and making these videos. I must say it's a pleasure to be able to communicate to you how much you have helped to re-instill Jesus in my life. J'aime tellement cet ouvrage. If you have enquiries about this product then please submit them here. Home Login Donate. Shopping Cart. What people are saying. It was useful not only for Buddhism, but for all other religions" — Louise Visitor to US from Canada "Made me realize that no matter how long I've been a Christian there is no better time then today to start making changes in how I live my Christian life.

It was clear and concise and will help me witness to my Buddhist friends" — Naomi, USA "Pastor Steve's sermon taught me more practical ways in spreading jesus' words. We have a passion for the people of China and many are Buddhist" — Steph C "Changed my way of thinking when speaking to others about the gospel and being more 'aware' of how things I say may be perceived by non-Christians" — Timothy O "Amazing.

Not just to evangelize, also to grow in my faith" — Victor A "After sadly straying away for several years, I asked Christ to come back into my life and I am ever more passionate than ever. Add to Cart Out of stock. Jesus Are You The One? Barthelemy St.

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Multilingual Available. We had an amazing time with this young cheerful woman full of energy and enthusiasm. Felicia was always taking interest in the different tasks that had to be done, even if the jobs were not always "so much fun"! I don't know how she would find energy to run 11 kilometers after a day of work, but she did it! I'd say she is the opposite of … read more lazy. I have been impressed by how she was able to adapt herself to our way of life, which is by all means different from her.

Dependable, generous and lovely, we for sure recommend her to any other host. Wishing you the best for the future.

De Bouddha à Jésus (From Buddha to Jesus - French)

You are obviously welcome back whenever you want!! Along with cooking, I was also exposed to … read more carpentry, metal work, mechanic work, Florida weaving and other types of skills that can be applied in the garden. Also, these people understand what it's like to want to learn and explore your own passions. For me, soccer is a big part of my life. So when I arrived there was a soccer ball waiting for me and no one hesitated when the suggestion of a Saturday night soccer match was brought up! There was also a weight lifting set for me to keep in shape with, as well as a lake to swim in and not very busy roads so that i could run.

In exchange for helping with my passions they expected me to match their level of hard work. This came tough at first, but after a couple of days being surround by so much happiness, positivity, and good food, I was excited to weed, plant, and mulch my way through everyday! Thank you for keeping me positive. Thank you for showing me there is so much more to life. Thank you for filling in every empty space in my brain with your infinite knowledge. Thank you for reminding me to be respectful. And thank you for all the things I didn't mention:.

I learned something new every day and even though most jobs were totally new to me, everyone was patient enough to explain tasks thoroughly and wouldn't mind minor mistakes in the process. The farm requires a lot of hard work and therefore motivated … read more people who appreciate what's being done: working directly for your own food is a challenge! However, it is truly unique that this place makes it happen.

I've never worked in such a rewarding environment. A month was clearly too short to learn everything there is to know, but it's a good start for the awareness that for eating healthy, pesticide-free food the only way is to plant and grow it yourself.

Jétais bouddhiste (French Edition)

Also, even though tasks might be repetitive for a couple of days, the focus changes every week, just like the natural cycle of how food grows does. So, there is definitely enough variation in the work!

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Please take everything seriously that's explained in the description on the workaway-profile! At least if you come in spring, you need to be able to squat and plant trees for a couple of hours. The reward for the physical work is that I've never slept as well in my hectic city life as on the farm in Lanaudiere.

And on a sidenote: the area is beautiful, there's a lake, a beaverdam, a ton of trees and more!

Méditation Bouddhiste ZEN - PUISSANT Mantra de Guérison - Purification et Harmonisation des Chakras

Also, the people are all terribly kind and have a wonderful sense of humor! There's a lot of fun involved in workig here : I hope a lot of hard-working, motivated people will have the chance to have a great experience just like I had! Make the world a better place, plant fruit trees! What a great time we had with Antonia!!!! She is very active, she is motivated, she is a great asset to have in a team! She even stayed longer to help us in our spring rush and would count her time and do extra during the night.

She is a joyful person and this would bring happiness to the team all day.

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She is a hard worker and she is physically … read more fit and strong. You are welcome back any time Toni!! Sorry, I don't know how to make the accents on the o!

Thank you SO much :- We wish you the best for your future. Please keep in touch!


Centre de Méditation Kadampa France

If I could have put more than 4 suns as a feedback, or if super-excellent would be a choice, this is what I would have chose for Natalie. She is not a 5 stars workawayer, she is a 10 stars workawayer! No joke. She has been with us for a long time now, she has become an important part of our team. She is extremely responsible a bit too much … read more sometimes, we have to force her to go and sleep at night and to take breaks during the day! She always wants to help everyone, with anything needed. You can absolutely depend on her for any job. I don't know what to add more than that.

She is the perfect workawayer. If I was able to, I would clone her :-D! Thank you Natalie The time that I spent there was incredibly good and I learned more than in all my life before! Making bread, cooking, feeding chickens and chicks! Imagine yourself in an … read more All-You-Can-Eat restaurant, except that the food is exchanged with knowledge and experience. If you are interested in self-sufficiency and other stuff related, this is a really good place to go. On the contrary, the longer you stay, the more your tasks and jobs vary. I am very grateful that I could spend so much time with you and learn so many things from you, Ajan, Eric, Veronique, Mars and Elisabeth!

I can surely recommend Haico who is very willing to help with what needs to be done.