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We're Sorry There was an unexpected error with the form your web browser was unable to retrieve some required data from our servers. Just a moment while we process your submission. Free Report:. You have a good shot at other roles that lead into PE with that type of background. Thanks Brian. I graduated from a semi-target but I finished with a low GPA 2.

My plan is to focus on getting a 3. With that in mind, should I try to do a summer internship with a small IB shop in my first year to have it on my resume or would my experience with an improved resume be enough? I was also a fighter aircraft maintainer in the Air Force for a year and a half before college so I feel like I have a unique resume as is. My main concern is that is finding a balance between having enough experience and having too experience much to get an analyst role. So, you probably need to focus on winning an IB role in that summer, ideally at a mid-sized-to-large bank so you have a reasonable chance of receiving a return offer.

Hi Brian, First of all, I would like to say that I really appreciate what You do here, especially considering that comments and questions are actually answered. Long story not-so short: I am a first year student at the Bocconi MSc in Finance, having graduated last summer. Now, getting to post-graduate level without a working experience in Italy is not uncommon at all I would say that it is basically the norm , but still I would like to ask You what my next moves could be, considering that I was not-shockingly not able to land any bulge-bracket IB summer internship in London.

I was thinking about either trying to get a consulting internship MBBO , maybe in the middle east, or trying to break into Venture Capital in London as I read in one of your articles. Is any of them actually a good idea, considering that I would still like to break into banking, once graduated from my master? At this point, you need to get any type of work experience you can to have a shot at winning IB roles.

However, I think I need advice on my specific situation. I would really appreciate your thoughts on whether a Masters in Finance makes sense for me. I am an Australian student from the University of Queensland and am about to complete my undergraduate degree in November. My overall GPA is 3. My career goal is a career in investment banking, preferably in the energy, mining and utilities sectors as it fits my background and are huge in Australia.

With this experience, I gunned hard for investment banking internships and graduate roles throughout I managed to make the final round for graduate interviews with two bulge bracket firms. For internships, I got first round interviews with 6 firms, and made final round interviews with 3 of them 2 boutiques and 1 bulge bracket.

All of these interviews were in Sydney, and many came as a result of my networking. I developed a very strong network with a senior banker at a bulge bracket, and other decent networks of analysts and associates from the boutiques. They have encouraged to keep in touch, particularly if I secured a big 4 role or boutique. Unfortunately, there are very few opportunities in my home city, where I was unsuccessful with big 4 corp finance which are the best avenue for IB in Brisbane.

After this application season, I applied for many other roles just to gain more experience in relevant industries. Soon, I am about to complete a 3 month internship Nov-Feb in Brisbane for mechanical engineering. This company is not a well-known name and will most likely provide a contract offer next week.

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With all this under consideration, I have mapped out this potential plan: 1. If successful, I could have the option to start a full time role with this energy company in My grad role for would start immediately after this internship. The job is located in Melbourne. Due to the lack of transferable skills with this role, I am planning to study a masters in finance at the University of Melbourne.

Application deadlines are very soon. During , I will study part time and utilize the networks and campus events to continue to try and break into banking. This will be graduate and internship applications which span from March to July. I will also continue to apply for off-market entry level positions for big 4, boutiques and maybe bulge brackets. Pros of plan: — Melbourne is the best choice as I have a job and can support myself. Cons: — All of my current networks are in Sydney.

With a full time job, this will make networking and going to university events more difficult, but not impossible. This could hurt my grades and networking. Other considerations: — If I have time, might attempt FMI modeling certifications to demonstrate my technical skills for boutiques and big 4. They are easier to manage, less time commitment and lower cost.

What is an advanced master’s?

A masters seems more beneficial though. What are your thoughts of my plan? Do you have any additional suggestions or alternatives? I had alarm bells when you mentioned that a Masters of Finance is not beneficial in Australia for breaking into IB.

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Apologies for the long-winded message, I just wanted to frame my situation as clearly as possible. Thanks for reading. The flaw in your plan is that banks do not necessarily recruit from MSF programs in Australia. If you really want to get into the industry, you should try to move to a market with more roles the UK or UK.

Would this be a good option from your knowledge of the European market? Thanks again for reading. And almost anything beats Australia.


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Did you end up doing masters? I have just graduated with a degree in Maths with Finance, and am currently working as an accountant. My finance experience is limited to this. Do you think it would be possible to get an internship, if so how would I go about securing one? Or your thoughts on an approach to getting into an investmant analyst position. Many thanks. Hi Brian, long time lurker at this site. About myself: I am a international student from China, study abroad seven years ago, currently a senior at UCLA studying Business-economics with a 3.

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I got in the recruiting game late. I start thinking about what I want to do in my sophomore year summer. That made me automatically fail for the regular recruiting route because at that point I have a blanket sheet of resume I involved in non-business student organization in my first two years. Speaking of internship experience, I got a marketing internship in junior fall, and I am lucky enough to secure a VC internship junior spring and a boutique IB internship last summer after roughly applications, 50cold calls, 50 cold emails.

From the last summer until now, I tried my best in FT recruiting. I leveraged both the alumni network and some of my older network. However, it has been an uphill battle for me especially consider the fact that I am an international student with a non-stem degree. Speaking of FT recruiting status, I had seven interviews, four phone screen, 3 hirevue.

Firms range from bulge bracket to MM to boutique. I have connection who offer me to go work at local boutique that sponsor visa.