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A lot of cold fish? Certainly not a red-hot murder Jane--who can only collect on her trust fund by investi Who is Irene March? That's the answer In the form of a question facing Investigator Jane da Silva, who can collect on her ec The homicide case that convicted young Kevin Shea looks perfect Under the terms of her rich uncle's will, Jane has to run his eccentric Foundation for Righting Wrongs to Ted is at his wit's end. Between pampering the assorted temperaments of his employers, the Krogstad family, and orchestrating Galaxy Foods's grand reopening, the last thing he needs is a dead body Jane da Silva knows a Cole Porter tune and a silky voice will only carry you so far through the urbane cabarets of Europe.

So when the young widow's "eccentric" Uncle Harold dies, she jets back to the States to claim the fortune she dearly needs to r An exotic cruise churns up a murder wave.

Murder in a Mummy Case (Iris Cooper, book 2) by K K Beck

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Free Ebook Online Gemstone Book. Moore Book. Free Ebook Silver Bells Book. Free Ebook Suspect Passions Book. Free Ebook The Deliberation Book. Free Ebook Torn Blood Book. Free Ebook Unfurl Book. And they were the perfect stereotypical representation of an affluent family in the s. Thankfully, Iris was just as put off. I need more! All that being said, the characters are once again fantastically unique and well developed. Beck expertly weaves together a variety of different cultures to present a surprising plot, and we get to experience a deeper look at both Iris and Jack.

We see Iris struggling to suppress her opinions and refer to her better upbringing.

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We get to see Jack actually compose his articles, showing us that there is more substance beneath his snarky exterior. And we get to watch the two of them give in to friendship and a mutual love of the mysterious. Murder in a Mummy Case is a great transitional story that develops our main characters in preparation for the final installment of the series, Peril Under the Palms. Murder in a Mummy Case will leave you laughing at the outrageous and on the edge of your seat in curiosity. Have you picked up the Iris Cooper series yet?

Let me know what you think! Lindsay Check out more reviews on HistoryMysteryBooks. A few unexpected details add a piquant touch: hand-knitted bathing suits, "rather itchy and heavy," a "fixe-moustasche," an elastic band to wear at night to keep the mustache flat and in the right place!

Better than the first. I really enjoyed the characters and madcap antics. Good lighthearted read. Apr 16, Joan Schrock rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. Easy read.

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Set in the 's-newspaper ,spiritual Weegee board, seances etc. Surprise ending. Aug 05, Eileen rated it did not like it. Lightweight, short mystery with a certain amount of humor and setting, but not much else to say about it.

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Oct 08, Josephine rated it really liked it. Amusing if you like deliberate period pieces; the writing's a bit lightweight. Ingrid rated it liked it Apr 05, Ruth rated it liked it Sep 15, Gail rated it it was amazing Sep 29, Josue rated it liked it Apr 13, Eve Perry rated it really liked it May 24, Eleanor rated it liked it Jun 13, Wendy rated it liked it May 30, Lois Bates rated it liked it Sep 26, Jennifer rated it liked it Nov 22,