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The founder, Hankook Kim, named the brand Gentle Monster because he liked it—it really started out as simple phrase that sounded cool. But then Gentle Monster was built up—not only with a necessary name but also with the purpose and the philosophy behind what it could be. She is certain a young Polish man is on his way to marry her.

Ode to Jouissance is a collection of three full-length words short stories that explore nostalgia and eroticism in the fragments of modern Europe. From the youthful Ilke, through the middle-aged Ignacio to the elderly Catherin, these stories weave together to form a tapestry of desire that grows stronger and more fulfilled with age. Ode to Jouissance has a gentle but insistent theme of hope amidst the ruins builds to a heartbreaking but uplifting crescendo.

The Company of Fellows 16 Dec, A dark, depraved heart beats inside the dreaming spires of Oxford University. This electrifying thriller opens the door on the disturbing secrets hidden by centuries of history. Tommy West — a brilliant academic, until a breakdown stopped him in his tracks 12 years ago.

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He has reinvented himself as a successful interior designer. His new life is comfortable, in every way, and safe. But life without the intellectual challenge is slowly suffocating him. And dead. Professor Shaw once supervised the precocious young student. Now Tommy must draw on the professor for inspiration one more time in order to find his killer. But all he has to go on are a handful of papers for the controversial, sickening research the professor was working on when he died.

The unspeakable truth about the Professor's death lies buried in the past: somewhere between the night his daughter was born — and her twin sister stillborn — and the day Tommy broke down. But for Tommy the past is a dangerous place, a long way from the safety he has so carefully built for himself. Can he find the answers before time, and his sanity, run out? Songs from the Other Side of the Wall 27 Nov, All her life Szandi has been caught between two worlds, torn between her duty and her dreams, the ties of the past and the freedom of the future.

Now, just as she finds herself on the verge of the life she always longed for, she must decide between those worlds once and for all. Szandi was born the day the Berlin Wall came down.

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Just a few weeks later her English mother left her to grow up on the vineyard in Hungary that has been in her family for years. She has finally found her place in the world. But when she discovers that her father has only weeks to live, Szandi must make her choice: between the past and the present; between East and West; between her family and her lover. Songs from the Other Side of the Wall is a coming of age story that inhabits anti-capitalist chatrooms and ancient wine cellars, seedy bars and dreaming spires; and takes us on a remarkable journey across Europe and cyberspace in the company of rock stars and dropouts, diaries that appear from nowhere, a telepathic fashion mogul, and the talking statue of a bull.

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