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Their behavior when I came around told me that they looked at me as if I were some huge monster that threatened their existence. Whenever my shadow crossed the tank they would flee in terror…as if doom were imminent.

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Whenever I picked up food with my hand and brought my hand over the surface of the water ready to drop it in so they could eat…they would hide behind the plants until I was gone. When I would insert the net in the tank to remove them to another container so I could clean the tank they would swim frantically trying to avoid capture…which was for their own good. They simply could not understand my ways. They were incapable of grasping my thoughts.

I was too large for them…too far above them.

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In fact the only way I could have communicated clearly with them would be if I were to somehow become a fish. Only then could I explain all the things I did for their benefit. In becoming the man Jesus God literally became one of us so that He could communicate with us in ways we would understand and tell us what He is really like. So the best way to understand God…. You know at this moment about six or seven different television stations are broadcasting their signals through this space where I stand….

These invisible signals carry sound and picture but they are in such a form that our eyes and ears cannot perceive them. However, if I brought a television set in here and set in up on a table, and plugged it in and set the antennae properly-right before our eyes and ears a miracle would take place. And what a television does to these invisible, inaudible television signals, the man Jesus does for God. He takes that which is beyond our capacities to see and hear and understand and transmutes it into images we can see and sounds that we can hear.

So you see, one reason God became flesh…. But another reason He did this was so that He could…. God has always loved us and wanted a relationship with us. He wants a friendship with us — and nothing establishes a friendship between two beings quite as effectively as a sense of commonality. When another person has walked where I am having to walk and has experienced what I am experiencing…a bond of rapport is created between us. I feel closer to Mary Patrick because we have both been hospitalized due to intestinal blockages. We are better friends because of that common experience of pain.

We all feel closer to those whom we believe understand from within what we are going through and God was fully aware of this fact — so He came to live among us that first Christmas. Remember, He is God…. Soren Keirkegaard tells of a young king who truly cared for his subjects, but was not sure they realized this because of the remoteness of the palace from their daily life. So, to the dismay of his court, one day he laid aside his royal garments and put on the garb of a peasant and went out for a whole year to live among his subjects as one of them. This action revolutionized the spirit of that whole kingdom, not because of what it did for the king, but because of what it did for the people.

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The sovereign already knew what conditions were like in the kingdom and was concerned about them, but until this act of identifying with the people, THEY were not aware of his concern. They could not believe that he really did understand from within what life was like for them. I understand. Therefore, let me help you.

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Let me share the load with you. Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. This means that if you are a child…. God understands…He was born into the helplessness of infancy and went through all that is involved in trying to grow up. If you are a teen wondering where you fit in this world……there is One Who understands and Who can help you. Should I devote all my energies to material concerns?

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  • Ich ruf zu dir Herr Jesu Christ.
  • He Has Promised to Be With Us!

What will I stand up to? If you are an adult with all the responsibilities that go with this particular stage in life, God understands. Do you feel sometimes that you have more on you than you can bear?

'The Promised Neverland' Season One Length Revealed

Family…career…home…all pulling at you and expecting something of you? But what I feel like is a piece of prime RIB and everybody wants a part of me and there is simply not enough to go around. He knew what it was like to give His all and it not be enough for people. You see Christmas proclaims the wonderful truth that God understands everything about our lives because, as Jesus Christ, He lived it…. Well He did this so that. He could communicate with us…what He is like and so He could convince us that He knows what our lives are like….

By nature we are relational beings. God created us to thrive on companionship. Most middle-aged adults love to go out to dinner together. We are relational beings…We hate to be alone…. We can stand almost anything in life if we know we are not alone…. We need friendships in life. Lifelong friends still move away or die. I offer you Me. I am the ultimate Companion. David Churchill Carla Bianco Waitress Joe Coyle Michael Downey Hal Holbrook Frank Yates Dorothy Silver Arlene Frances McDormand Sue Thomason Titus Welliver Rob Lexi Cowan Drew's Girl Tim Guinee Drew Scott Sara Lindsey Claire Allen Frank Conforti Coach Garrett Ashbaugh Basketball Player Jericho Morgan Genres: Drama.

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Trivia Draws significant parallels to the biblical story of Moses in Exodus. The title within itself if a clearly indication; further, a man Damon seeks to introduce new ideas and is a "lawmaker" who introduces fracking to a small community, trying to persuade its members to succumb. Goofs The film was released in January , but in February of Pennsylvania signed into law "Act 13" which prohibits counties, towns, municipalities, etc. Quotes Steve Butler : Fuck you money is the ultimate liberator.

Crazy Credits Through most of the end credits, the camera zooms out to a wide shot of the town where the film takes place. Records Inc. Add the first question. User Reviews.

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