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One of the part of this book that I found most distressing was how Mr. Latimer was consistantly hired for jobs for which even he admits he was grossly underqualified. He then rails on the very same practice when Mr. Rove applies it to hiring for the Pentagon. An interesting bit of selective memory. I recommend this book to conservatives, and especially to liberals, not because you will agree with him, but because it is a very interesting historical look at the inside workings of the Republican party and a presidency plagued by self-destructive tendencies.

I would warn prospective readers that the author speaks fondly and consistantly defends such unlta-conservatives as Ann Coulter, Don Rumsfeld, and the most conservative members of congress. If you strongly disagree with this approving view, you will find some views of the author to be frustrating. I would urge you to look past those views to fully appreciate the historical significance of the story and the observations. On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed his perspective on the election, and specifically his views on one Sarah Palin.

I wont give away the specifics, but I felt quite vindicated that I could find common ground with such a conservative individual as Mr. Summery: An excellent and candid perspective on a career in politics as a Republican. Very little "liberal bashing," so Liberals should feel safe reading and appreciating this book. Would you recommend this book to a friend?

Why or why not? Yes, good inside stories of what goes on behind the scenes in D. He sounded like he was reading to a bunch of kindergardeners.

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The book is interesting and well-written. I've recommended it to friends who are interested in communication and politics His wimpy style did not work in this piece and he does the writer a disservice. Political junkies will enjoy this book -- liberals will rejoice over the skewering of Karl Rove but gnash teeth over the worship of Don Rumsfeld. Conservatives will also have mixed feelings over the betrayal of confidences.

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The choice of Lincoln Hoppe as the reader seems inspired as he captures Lattimer's voice tone and that of George W. The frequent references of TV and movie characters offers a glimpse into Lattimer's worldview as one in which most problems can be resolved in 22 minutes. The best parts of the book is when the author quotes someone else. Unfortunely, most of the book seems to revolve around what a great speech-writer he is, and how the other speech writers are jealous.

Speech-Less: Tales of a White House Survivor

Also, I think he often misses the joke, when he recalls his employer's words literally. The bigger narrative. He was much more enthusiastic about the prospect of securing an audience with Tulsi Gabbard , a personable year-old Democratic congresswoman from Hawaii. A surfer, an Iraq veteran, and the first Hindu in Congress, Gabbard had recently been appointed vice chair of the Democratic National Committee. For a literary agent, no skill is more important than the ability to find talent before the other sharks in the tank take notice.

Though the agents want to expand into history or culture books, their main skill is identifying people, not authors.

Meeting adjourned. Or almost: Latimer had one more point to bring up. Latimer believed he could help Biden craft a blockbuster post-White House book. Later, Latimer told me Biden was more than a white whale—he was an opportunity to boost Javelin into a class of agents currently occupied by only one other person. Literary agenting in Washington is a big-money game, and no DC agent in history has earned more cash for his clients than Robert Barnett. Traditionally, a literary agent takes a percent commission on all royalty and advance money.

Big bucks, obviously. He has no need for the small deals that sustain other agents. He gets to pick and choose his bets, and he almost always chooses right. Indeed, to speak to other agents about Barnett is to hear a mixture of naked jealousy and grudging respect: The man, whatever his faults, gets it done. Not only did he essentially create the market for big-money political memoirs, but he has kept it cornered, year after year. I adjust. Compared with New York, with its dozens of agencies, literary Washington is a claustrophobic place. We were sitting in the office he shares with Urbahn, drinking coffee.

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On the wall behind him, alongside a bottle of ten-year-old Bulleit bourbon, hung a framed version of what he considers his most effective speech—a George W. Bush number honoring the Tuskegee Airmen. Latimer had suggested that the President salute the airmen, a gesture that provoked tears from the assembled pilots. Other agents might tweak a proposal and get it to the right people, but Urbahn and Latimer are available, for a fee, for chapter editing, full-on ghostwriting, and occasional stagecraft.

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And what reporters do we need to get interested? Lake and Rogin are, in a way, ideal Javelin clients: young, energetic, and on the rise. They represent an investment of the kind that a Bob Barnett would never have to make. You send out a proposal to publishers, you sit in on conference calls with editors, you collect your cut of the advance, and you move on to the next sale. Perhaps more pressing is the question of how Javelin will define itself. Latimer and Urbahn are conservative; they came up through conservative administrations, and most of their clients are right-leaning.

But the idea, to me, of Javelin going bipartisan is slim. With that client list, are they really going to be able to come to a Democratic event and schmooze and convince liberal politicians to sign with them? Bush, he left politics in to write a tell-all called Speech-less: Tales of a White House Survivor. The book sold briskly and earned him a spot on the New York Times bestseller list as well as the enmity of a few Bush-administration colleagues, who felt Latimer had aired too much dirty laundry.

About two years later, he opened Javelin with Urbahn, 30, another former Rumsfeld speechwriter. Neither Latimer nor Urbahn—an intelligence officer in the Naval Reserve—had a lick of agenting experience.

tranigores.tk And we could use our experience as writers to collaborate with authors, or even book-doctor some projects, if we needed to. That was going to be our niche. Their first client was their old boss. Washington superagent Robert Barnett had handled the sale. But according to Latimer and Urbahn, Barnett had been unenthusiastic about the new project, a compendium of flinty Rumsfeldian wisdom. Barnett did not comment for this story.

It also organized a social-media campaign, arranged TV bookings, and built a website with a searchable index of sources. Keith and Matt did. Latimer and Urbahn had made their bones, and Washington was taking note. We might not be here at the end of the year. A lawyer by training, the Michigan-born Latimer prepared himself for the possibility that the venture could fall apart. His father is an airline executive. We were totally figuring it out as we went along. Today Javelin has ten employees, including a booking expert and several PR specialists.

The team oversees a rotating stable of roughly 30 authors. Once a week, staffers gather to run air-traffic control. This fall, they invited me to sit in on one of the meetings. Dressed in a pink button-down and slim-cut jeans, Urbahn called the meeting to order. On this day, Urbahn appeared fatigued. A week earlier, he and Latimer had signed Barbara Bowman, one of the women to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault. The book-sale prospects were also looking good. On one of his calls, he talked for 45 minutes straight! Dean, the PR manager, jumped in. The next morning, she was scheduled to fly to Nova Scotia for the Halifax International Security Forum, where she hoped to obtain a few new clients.

The bigger narrative. He was much more enthusiastic about the prospect of securing an audience with Tulsi Gabbard , a personable year-old Democratic congresswoman from Hawaii. A surfer, an Iraq veteran, and the first Hindu in Congress, Gabbard had recently been appointed vice chair of the Democratic National Committee. For a literary agent, no skill is more important than the ability to find talent before the other sharks in the tank take notice.