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She also holds educational forums for public and private gatherings for abduction experiencers.

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One of the hair-raising case studies is about two women who, separated by thousands of miles, tell common stories of their abductions, both supported by multiple witnesses and substantial evidence; both experienced missing time while driving with a compan- ion, and were later taken from their homes. Even more startling, both have independently described finding them- selves on identical huge craft, within the same timeframe.

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Sometimes abductees experience the sensation of being both human and alien at the same time, a phenomenon Joe Nyman calls "dual reference. In a study investigating the motivations of the alleged abductors, Jenny Randles found that in each of the four cases out of fifty total where the experiencer was over forty years of age or more, they were rejected by the aliens for "what they the experiencers usually inferred to be a medical reason. Although abduction and other UFO-related reports are usually made by adults, sometimes young children report similar experiences.

Deborah Truncale, a pro-abduction researcher believes that the reports made by children should be taken similarly seriously to those made by adults. Some pro-abduction researchers argue that children do not include the image of the Grey-type alien as part of their "image bank," and consequently their reports are not likely derived from cultural depictions of UFO related phenomena. Children seem to react to their alleged abduction experiences differently from adult claimants. Many repeat-abductees report that, as children from the ages of , they would be visited by balls of light that would enter their room at night.

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The test would be administered to two groups of about children individually, one group being composed of children who are thought to be possible abduction experiencers, and a control group. During the second phase of the HIRT, the administrator asks each child to separate the flash cards into two piles, one pile for those depicting characters they like, and one for those depicting characters they dislike.

Stage three involves more active participation on the part of the children. Hopkins's test has been criticized by abduction researcher David Gotlib, who felt that Hopkins's use of terminology in describing the test implied it had been evaluated and standardized in a scientifically rigorous way, when in fact it had not. Reports of the abduction phenomenon have been made around the world, but are less common outside of English speaking countries , especially the United States.

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In , Hopkins, Jacobs and sociologist Dr. Ron Westrum commissioned a Roper Poll in order to determine how many Americans might have experienced the abduction phenomenon. Of nearly 6, Americans, answered in a way that Hopkins et al. Based on this figure, Hopkins estimated that nearly four million Americans might have been abducted by extraterrestrials.

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    The First Alien-Abduction Account Described a Medical Exam with a Crude Pregnancy Test

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