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You must accept the Terms and conditions to register. That is evident by the fact that Daniel clearly indicated that the last horn emerges among the already existing ten. Is it not a stark example of the sort of collective blindness that God foretold in prophecy?

The fact is, the colonial powers of that era were all basically following the same model as they competed to grab natural resources and exploit backward nations — except the British Empire gradually became the most dominant. Yet, the prophecy foretells that the last ascending horn will be different from the others.

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And consider this: If France was supposedly taken out by the British Empire, how is it that France and Great Britain were key allies in both world wars? In view of all of the above, how has France been plucked from its position of world prestige, as the above-quoted Watchtower article claims? What is the significance of that? When it comes to interpreting prophecy it is wise to recognize that all prophecy is harmonious and complimentary.

Take for example the fact, that, just as the seventh chapter of Daniel portrays a beastly horn speaking great blasphemies against God, so too, the 13 th chapter of Revelation depicts a wild beast that opens its mouth to speak great things and blasphemies against God. And just as the boastful horn is allowed to dominate the holy ones for a prophetic three and a half times, the beast of Revelation does also, expressed as 42 months.

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  8. The Watchtower, of course, recognizes this connection, but has attached its fulfillment to In fact, the same article cited above also relates the following in paragraph six :. The Anglo-American World Power waged war with those holy ones. The seventh head of the wild beast as much as killed the preaching work for a period of time. Jehovah foresaw this dramatic event and revealed it to John. God also told John that the secondary part of the seed would be revived to increased spiritual activity.

    First, what proof is there that the British Empire or their American partners have at any point in history spoken astonishing blasphemies against God in any noteworthy way? Both nations claim to be Christian. In fact, the Crown is also the head of the Anglican Church and the United States is well-known for promoting Judeo-Christian values, so-called.


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    Sure, they are hypocritical, but nonetheless they make a pretense at honoring the God of the Bible. Although eight officers of the Society were briefly incarcerated, more than anything else the preaching work of the Bible Students was disrupted by the discouragement, turmoil and confusion that ensued after the unexpected death of C. Russell in Are we headed for a world in which China -- an authoritarian state in which the Communist Party leadership has a firm grip over the economy, controls the media and censors the internet -- dominates the new global order?

    Will the 21st century see the realization of Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" or George Orwell's "," the most dystopian visions of the 20th century? For the moment, that seems farfetched.

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    But from Moscow's perspective, new commonalities with the U. Even before his inauguration, Donald Trump presented the Russian leadership with a significant gift: He branded NATO obsolete and called into question the alliance's principle of collective defense. Things could hardly be going better for Moscow.

    Maintaining control over Russia's immediate vicinity is one of the country's core interests while NATO's eastward expansion is seen as a traumatic infringement of that claim. Putin has finally found an ally, in Washington of all places, in his battle against a world order that he has long attacked as being unipolar and unjust. Like Trump, Putin would like a world free of the West's constant moralizing, a world in which might makes right.

    The two leaders are also bound by their skepticism of the EU.

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    But there is one significant difference: In contrast to Trump, Moscow would like to keep the United Nations as a foundation of global order. UN headquarters in New York is one of the few places where Russia, thanks to its permanent Security Council seat and accompanying veto, can negotiate at eye level with the West and block important decisions, as it did most recently in the Syrian conflict.

    Everything else can more or less be negotiated with Donald Trump, from Russia's interests in Crimea to America's interests in Syria. Still, Russia has no illusions: Trump will not determine the direction of U. He requires Congressional approval. And Putin's experience with Trump's two predecessors, George W.

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    Bush and Barack Obama, have shown him that initial amicability can soon turn frosty. As such, the world is left trying to figure out how power will be divvied up in the Trump administration. Will he leave foreign policy to the diplomatic establishment of the Republican Party? Will he be able to count on Congressional support? In an effort to find out, emissaries from the government in Berlin began trying to establish initial contacts with the Trump team not long ago. It was like a trip to a foreign world.

    Peter Wittig is one of Germany's most experienced diplomats, having served in the country's Foreign Ministry for the last 35 years. He has served as Germany's ambassador in Lebanon and Cyprus and has sat down across from myriad negotiating partners. But the diplomat has seldom experienced the kind of overblown self-confidence that he has seen in recent months. He has held several meetings with Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, both before and after the election.

    At their first encounter in spring , it was the Germans who wanted to know more about Trump's plans, with a friendly and reserved Kushner taking careful notes. But the more often the two met, the more demanding Kushner became, say Berlin diplomatic sources who have read Wittig's meeting reports. The last meeting in New York in December culminated in Kushner's curt question: "What can you do for us? Around one year ago, Flynn was a paid speaker at an anniversary party for RT, the Russian propaganda broadcaster.

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    Heusgen's first impression of Flynn was sobering. At a conference of conservative parliamentarians in Berlin on Wednesday, Heusgen said that some members of the incoming administration "don't have an exhaustive understanding" regarding "certain problems facing the EU and their backgrounds. Berlin diplomats still hope that the level-headed foreign policy espoused by cabinet appointees such as future defense secretary James Mattis and future secretary of state Rex Tillerson will hold sway.

    But nobody thinks that Trump will transform into a passionate defender of the Western alliance. In the campaign, the new U. But at the same time, he warned Germany that European alliance members would have to increase their financial contributions. At Davos this week, Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci said that the postwar world order was no longer suitable for the challenges of the 21st century.

    That is particularly true when it comes to trade policy, which Trump has for decades seen as a conspiracy against America. For the past several weeks, a March issue of Playboy magazine has been making the rounds in Merkel's Chancellery. The cover shows a long-haired brunette covered in a black tuxedo jacket next to a slim something: Donald Trump.

    Inside is a long interview with Trump, in which he talks about what he sees as America's most dangerous adversaries. Merkel's staff is convinced that his views haven't changed. Trump's newly formed National Trade Council is to be led by economist Peter Navarro, an avowed opponent of Beijing's "stranglehold" -- which he illustrated in his documentary film "Death by China" with an animation of a Chinese knife being stabbed into a map of the United States. Robert Lighthizer, Trump's designated trade representative, has long been known in Washington circles as a passionate protectionist who misses no opportunity to insist that World Trade Organization rules are "not religious obligations.

    Trump adviser Kushner is likewise consumed by the issue of imports to the U. In a meeting with the German emissary Wittig, he said that the Trump team looked at statistics showing which countries export more to the U. In first place is China, followed by Japan and then Germany. Kushner's message was clear: The situation must change.