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No wonder life sometimes tastes thin even when all is ostensibly going well. Some of us try to fill that hole with addiction, some with variety, some with escape, some with resignation, but nothing on earth, of course, can fill what is really a yearning for heaven and for our deeper, true identity. If you feel this loss, this aching sense of loss that is almost indefinable, you are not alone.

Even the most ardent atheists cannot explain the inextinguishable yearning for God that is indwelling in the human soul. Smash him, trample him, make illegal any reference to him, ban him altogether from a society. Humans would come to him again because of this yearning. We came with it. It is in our spiritual DNA and we cannot help who we are. Poets sing about this. Fantasy writers create alternative worlds. Bright Narnia is just inside the wardrobe if you happen to enter it just right.

This yearning is not only for God, it is for ourselves, our eternal identity, which like a victim of war, who has amnesia, we lost at birth. We cannot even give our name, rank, and serial number.

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We have forgotten. We are like an iceberg, mostly underwater, inaccessible.

Yet something tells us that we are more than we show, that there is a swelling something inside that is just out of reach and is connected to our longing for God. These are not illusions. The largeness that you have spent an eternity being is constricted, made puny in this place of temporary residence called earth. When we came to earth, we were separated not only from him, but also from ourselves, and that homesick feeling will never be resolved until we fully rediscover and experience both.

That is the essence of the spiritual life. That is what God is inviting us to and what we feel when the Spirit resides upon us. The only access you will ever have to that missing part of you is in searching for him with all your heart. He is the one who truly knows you. You understand that others around you, even those closest, cannot entirely know you.

But you also sense, that because of the veil that has dropped over your mind, you do not entirely know yourself. Maybe, in fact, you hardly know the wonder that is you. You are the royal child disguised in ashes, too often believing the ashes are all there is. What a picture of love that works on so many levels.


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The Bridegroom will pay the price for his Bride. He will give her his name, his protection, his devotion, his sacrifice, his life for her well-being. But I have always been struck by another part of that image, and that is that he knows her. She is not strange to him, not in any way. He knows all of her and she is not hidden from him.


He is familiar with her scars and her wounds, her beauty and her strengths. He sees her for what she is when no one else can see her at all—or only vaguely. He remembers her youth and her joys.

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He will give her beauty for ashes, not just because he is capable of doing that, but because in knowing her so intimately, he finds her of great worth—even when she has forgotten. I could weep to think of that love, that love that has both the power to transform and remember.

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Barry Morrow cleverly identifies 'signals of the transcendent' in our hatred of death, our desire for heaven and even the humdrum of daily living. So often we are told to 'go with your gut. You will relish the guilty pleasure of feeling more and knowing less. Take this book and read it slowly as you begin to see God's presence in your all-too-human hopes and fears.

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