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Recent Psychological Approaches with Some Questions about the Abuse of Children

Thus, the book is comprehensive and complete, but the sincerity and seriousness are not at the expense of the readability. There is also a chapter on fear of writing. The explanations are psychologically profound. He provides many easy to follow instructions and specific training methods on topics like self-control, willpower and perseverance. Since a part of the symptoms manifests also as an interaction disorder, or as a disturbance of the proximity-distance regulation, a feeling of helplessness and impotence often arises also with friends and relatives.

This creates the impression: Everything I do is wrong! This is precisely where the authors try to bring more understanding and transparency into the possible motives and needs behind the behavior. An urgent empathic plea for the depressive persons, in particular, an appeal to the undetected ones for more self-knowledge and self-understanding.

Recommended also for the relative of depressive persons. The chapters are short and explicit, didactically well prepared, with an unusually detailed insight into the inner world of the depression.

Main symptoms are tiredness, exhaustion and self-estrangement, which are seen as normal by the affected person. The reader thinks, that nothing is new, but it sinks deeper in the urgency and tenacity, because it is not enough to understand the intellectual depression, it must be emotionally comprehended — like in therapy. The focus of this book is on the appearance of depression.


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The therapy can also be derived from this, but in the end there is too little room for this. This book, however, is somewhat tougher to read than the predecessor not because of the intelligibility but because of these repetitions. This stylistic device, which the author may have unintentionally used in the first book, is now consciously used as a therapeutic agent. So it is a good therapy.

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It is easy to understand what is going on, but that is not enough for a therapy, it is about the day-to-day implementation. The author knows about the obstacles, difficulties, discourages and dead-ends on the way out of the depression, he is encouraging, understanding, you believe that he knows exactly what is going on and how it could be better. To pick oneself up, to encourage oneself every and every time, to try new ways, to become more alert and more conscious of oneself, to go further until everything is finally internalized.

My reading advice: read every day 5 pages and when you get to the end start again from the beginning. Then you reach the desired intensity in the discussion regarding this topic and then a therapy is very close, which usually also takes more than a few months, if it should have lasting success. The author is versed in the self-help literature. Also recommended as an audio book.

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Stress management with the help of primarily body-related attention focusing. With audio book. Wu w e i means to act by means of non-intervention, by happening. It is the art of doing the right thing at the right time, making the right decisions spontaneously, ending meaningless efforts and focusing in the flow of life.

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This is not the invitation for inertia and passivity, but requires two preconditions which in itself are difficult to implement permanently so that the effect can unfold fully: namely neutral, benevolent, non-evaluative mindfulness and always the independence of inner and outer bonds. How is the image of the woman represented and how is it possible to develop a loving and caring feeling about her and her body? This book is a nice way to deal with this topic and develop motivation and courage to change. From the table of contents: Are women really weak? Do women always have to be beautiful?

Are strong women necessarily lonely? Power makes you lonely!? Power makes unpopular!? Functionalisation is omnipresent. Every artistic production has an effect on the city environment and vice versa. I know both perspectives. I find festivals problematic that function like one-trick ponies and that only have value in and of themselves. Mat thias Lilienthal: Something always remains, if only a few utopian moments.

The great thing is that you can reach an extremely high level of subjectivity in artistic selection. The Brothers Grimm pp Cite as. T he bicentennial celebrations of the birthdays of the Brothers Grimm have long since come to an end, and it is time to take stock. Did we really learn something new about the Grimms and their tales during those two years of celebrations and commemorations held fifteen years ago?

Or did we honor the Grimms merely by praising them in a conventional and uncritical manner, and did we thereby do them a disservice? Who did the praising and why? This last question is most significant, for numerous associations, institutions, and nations organized ceremonial conferences and symposiums to honor the Grimms, or published books and articles about their significance.

Such widespread tribute to the Grimms and their work certainly indicated to what extent the Grimms, and their tales in particular, have transcended German culture to become vital components in the cultural heritages of different nations. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Job offers on our LH group portal More about your career with us Become an aviation hero.

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